Streetlight Manifesto calls out ticket distributors

This morning Streetlight Manifesto took to Facebook to voice their concern about ridiculous ticket surcharges, almost doubling the price of the ticket. In the bands statement they told fans that they were not aware of the amount of the surcharge and have promised to make it up to fans.  "We will brainstorm some sort of gift we can give each and every one of you that comes to the show in question." Read the full statement from the band below.

Hi everyone
So, as many of you know, a certain company that handles ticketing for the majority of live events in this country somehow managed to add a $20 surcharge on a $25 ticket to see us play. We’ve always tried our best to keep ticket prices to our shows as low as possible, so this really makes us angry. We had no idea until the tickets went on sale and it’s our position that while ticketing fees are a necessity and a reality in the live music world, paying almost the full ticket price a second time to some company is completely and utterly insane. We’re looking into it now and we’re going to see if we can somehow get some part of that small fortune refunded to you guys. We’re also pretty angry that we didn’t know anything about this until we heard from you guys. Lastly, we’d LOVE to know where all the surcharges are going. At worst, if we can’t find a way to at least fix this retroactively, we will brainstorm some sort of gift we can give each and every one of you that comes to the show in question. It’ll be a lot of whatever-it-is, but we want to make this right. And lastly-lastly, we will add this to our list of things to check on before we announce shows in the future. Often times when there is a monopoly or a duopoly, companies try to get away with as much as they think they can get away with, and that, simply, ain’t right.

The ONLY way this would be alright is if they were printing the tickets on actual twenty dollar bills."