King 810 cancel show at St Andrews Hall in Detroit due to gun ban

Flint Michigan's King 810 decided to cancel their Detroit show at St Andrews hall due to the fact they could not bring their firearms into the venue.


King 810 statement about the cancellations:

"The Family,

We're canceling tonight's show at Saint Andrew's Hall here in Detroit. Upon arrival, every case we were carrying was wanded and searched. All of us are we're searched and re-searched every time we entered the venue, which we were fine with.

During this process they let us know that they don't do this to other groups and that essentially they were singling us out. After informing them that a few people in the group are licensed to carry for security measures we were still not allowed to come onto their property with protection. Michigan is an open carry state.

We've made this stand completely clear. 
We had every intention on playing and were looking forward to the show, as the biggest one of our careers to date. This is not an easy decision to make, but we have to answer to ourselves first and foremost.

This is not about shows or weapons. 
 This is about our inherent rights. They will surely try to sweep this under the rug and spun as "unforeseen circumstances." But we tell the truth to the people.

These people tried to tell us police officers can't even carry guns into their establishment.

If this is where this country is headed. God damn.

More soon.

- Gunn"