Steve Aoki At Royal Oak Music Theater

With a dramatic opening of exciting and vivid sounds, DJ Steve Aoki took the stage for a SOLD OUT show at Royal Oak Music Theatre last night. The crowd had been warmed up by the electro-music of Bad Royale, Grandtheft, Deorro, and the notorious “Panda”-rapper Desiigner. While the crowd seemed to enjoy the opening acts, Aoki came to party at 11:10pm. Right off the bat, confetti shot out from the stage and Aoki comes in rockin’ a “Detroit vs Everybody” shirt with dark jeans. The lights that lit up the stage were incredible; it definitely created an electric atmosphere. Last night was undoubtedly more about putting on a show for the fans than showcasing his DJ skills. I think one of the hardest things for a DJ to do is to keep the crowd dancing and entertained. It is easy for the audience to get bored and begin to feel like they are just listening to a playlist. However, Aoki kept the crowd pumped, and it was truly a constant dance party for his entire two-hour set. Aoki came to party, and no party is complete without cake. Aoki came through with his well-known "cake in the face." He selected members of the audience to throw a full cake at their face and fans loved it. With Aoki’s enthusiasm, he could have easily kept the crowd going until the next morning, but his concert had to come to an end. Despite the late night, it was an incredible show. Aoki’s “Kolony” tour continues until the middle of March. So until the next time Michigan sees Aoki… cake on.