Neck Deep At The Majestic Theater

Neck Deep is half way through their tour and stopped at the Majestic Theater in Detroit in support of their new album “The Peace and the Panic”.

 During Neck Deeps set the band showed how much love they have for their fans. As one fan was being kicked out, Neck Deep stopped mid song to tell security to let the fan stay in the show. As the show went on the singer Ben Barlow kept telling the fans to love each other and stop fighting and if they didn’t he would come to the crowd and “kick their ass”. One song that really stuck out during their set was “Parachute”, before the song started Ben told all the fans to be like them and travel the world and chase their dreams like they were doing. “

We always pictured this song being a real festival banger, the kind of song you'd be bopping along to, arms round your mate, screaming the words and hoping the feeling never leaves. Or singing it to the lucky guy or girl you might've met that weekend in an attempt to express your true feelings. I hope people listen to this song and book a flight somewhere inspiring" - Neck Deep 

The infectious, bright track comes from the band's recent release, The Peace and The Panic, which scored the #2 on the Top Album chart and #4 debut on Billboard Top 200 chart earlier this summer. The album is available through Apple Music, Spotify, on Vinyl and in stores via Hopeless Records. 

As the set came to an end the whole band left the stage beside the singer Ben and guitar player Matt West, they played “Wish You Were Here” they dedicated it to all of the ones they have lost, old friends and their dads after they passed away. After they finished Matt left the stage and Ben began to sing  “Part Of Me” solo this was my personal favorite part of the whole show.