The Rocket Summer at The Loving Touch

The Rocket Summer is celebrating 10 years of the Do You Feel album. The Do You Feel 10 Year Anniversary Tour kicked off in his home state of Texas and will be circling the country throughout the summer.  

Sometimes, to see how far you’ve come, you have to look back at your beginnings. For Bryce Avary, the brainchild of The Rocket Summer, his evolution into the power pop/indie rock powerhouse that he is becoming has origins in his dynamic and explosive entrance into the mainstream ten years ago with his breakthrough album Do You Feel. Before he embarks into his evolution forward, Avary will be stepping out of the studio where he is working on new music to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a special album for TRS fans by performing the album for the first time ever in its entirety.

The Rocket Summer packed fans into a small dive bar just outside of Detroit for a very special performance of the Do You Feel album! As soon as TRS stepped on stage the crowd lit up and sang along to every word as they took a step back to 2007. Through out the night the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs to songs like "Do You Feel", "All I Have" and "So Much Love"

Check out the tour dates below for your chance to see this amazing show!