State Champs At St Andrews Hall

State Champs hit the road with Against The Current and With Confidence. 

 The Australian pop punk band With Confidence started off the show on a high note. with songs like “London Lights” and “Keeper”.   As I was watching  With Confidence all i could think about was wow they sound like a young Blink-182.

Up next was Against The Current, a New York band fronted by Chrissy Costanza  got everyone off their feet and dancing. Chrissy Constanza matched their energy she did not slow down the whole set.

As soon State Champs hit the stage the crowd went nuts, kids were flying over the barricade after crowd surfing to the front. Everyone in the venue was screaming so loud it made it hard to hear the band. Some of the high points of the show were when the band said how awesome the Detroit crowd was along with them playing “All Or Nothing” and “Elevated"