Milky Chance Blossoms With Their “Blossom” Tour

The German duo of Milky Chance brought their Harmonic and ambient pop sound to a full house at The Fillmore on Friday October 13th.  Usually going out on Friday the 13th would ensue in a night of oddities that would encounter bad luck in one form or another. That is if you believe in such things. But walking into the Fillmore none of that was present, and instead the historic venue was filled with smiling faces and feel good vibes.

    The duo consisting of Clemens Rehbein, and Philip Dausch brought their Blossom tour to Detroit and did not disappoint. Starting the show off with clouds, one of their more up beat groovy tunes off their new album.  As Clemens belted out lyrics from the chorus “I just wanna take care of you my love”. As if it was a proclamation to the crowd for what they had in store for the night. The folk/rock ensemble continued on from there. Bringing the loud and joyous crowd along with them on their musical journey of folktronica sound filled with a simple but elegant light show the mirrored the bands energy. Highlights of the evening included a good mix of songs both old and new. Playing hits from their debut EP “sad necessary” including Down By The River, Flashed Junk Mind, and my personal favorite Sad Necessary. Mixing in well with their older tracks was songs off their latest effort “Blossom” including Ego, Blossom, Firebird, and Doing Well. But not to be outdone the group came out for an encore to play the first single off “blossom” titled Cocoon, and the uber popular and crowd favorite Stolen Dance.  

    The group didn’t hold anything back. Lead by Clemens raspy yet powerful vocals that illuminated throughout The Fillmore and the fans within.  Lingering in my head well after the concert was over. Like a pop song you cant get out of your head.  I for one look forward to seeing where this duo is headed musically in the future as they continue to mesh their indie-folk sound down tempo, vibrant pop music.  Next time you see Milky Chance come to town near you I advise you do your eyes and ears a favor and check them out.


Photos/review: Paul Lee