Lukas Graham at The Fillmore

Photos:Jacob Giampa

Review Sam Nork

The Danish pop-soul band known as Lukas Graham hit the stage at The Fillmore with a unique sense of energy on Tuesday night. Frontman Lukas Forchhammer was excited to be back in Detroit. To start out the night, the band played was the exuberant anthem known as "Take The World By Storm". Forchhammer kept the night entertaining by jumping all around the stage and even removing his shirt near the beginning of the set. Throughout the night, he told stories about missing his father, his friends being in jail and other childhood struggles. He even told the crowd that it has been his dream to tour America and he couldn't be happier that the band was. The group went off stage after the last song, only to be brought back out by the cheers of the crowd. The encore continued the show with "Funeral", which is about the singer's ideal funeral. Last but not least, the band's keyboardist, Morten Ristorp, started playing the beginning notes of "7 Years" and the crowd lost it's mind. The audience sang along with Forchhammer through every verse. The band promised they would come back and play in Detroit, but have twice as many people show up. The band has 3 Grammy nominations this year including Song of the Year and Record of the Year.