Blink-182 at Van Andel Arena

Blink-182 has brought one of the most anticipated tours of 2016 to Grand Rapids with All Time Low and A Day To Remember. All Time Low started the pop/punk-filled night off on a humorous note making jokes between their songs "Six Feet Under the Stars" and "Dear Maria, Count Me In"; both singers, Alex and Jack, had the crowd laughing. A Day To Remember was up next  with an 11 song set. ADTR has never disappointed me live and this show was not any different. They always give their all during every show and you could definitely tell that they were having the time of their lives opening up for a band that they all grew up listening to. ADTR got the crowd moving with their catchy punk style; every song they played they had the crowd singing along with them. 

Blink-182 has embarked on their first tour after their founding member Tom Delonge left the band and the crowd loved every second of it, bringing the fans back to their high school days! The first song of the night "Feeling This" brought back the iconic flaming "FUCK" sign. For myself, the highlight of Blink's set was songs off of their new album California like "We Built This Pool", "Cynical", and "San Diego". The only low point throughout the show was hearing Matt sing Toms' parts. Don't get me wrong, he did a great job, but it's not what I, and many other die-hard Blink fans, are used to hearing. Hearing Matt sing Toms' parts really made me miss him being a part of the band. Another thing missing that night was the back and forth jokes between the band members, who are also great friends. With all that aside, they put on a amazing show and would love to be able to see them again.