Modern Baseball At The Crofoot - SOLD OUT

Modern Baseball played one of their best shows to date at the Crofoot in pontiac last week in souport of their new album Holy Ghost. Opening the show was Thin Lips and the punk group Joyce Manor. 

Joyce Manor really got the show ready for Modern Baseball with their fast catchy songs. They stared off the set with “Heart Tattoo”  and kept the energy going with songs like “Constant Headache” and “The Jerk”.

Modern Baseball started off the set with a song off of their new album Holy Ghost titled “Wedding Singer”. As soon as their set started they had the crowd singing every word the rest of the night. As the night came to an end Modern Baseball left the stage but the crowd wouldn’t leave unless they got one more song. After a few minutes of everyone screaming for them to come back the band came out and played “Your Graduation” and the crowd lost their mind! Fans were jumping over one another and dancing along to the music. Check out the video of “Your Graduation” below. It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful night. Modern baseball, Michigan loves you.