Night Two Of The Used's 15 Year Anniversary Tour at Royal Oak Music Theater

Night two of The Used's 15 year anniversary tour blew the roof off of the Royal Oak Music Theater. The like wrapped around the building and it almost felt like you could see it stretching for miles! As the doors opened everyone flooded in. Some joined the never ending merch line, others at the bar but most made their way to the stage to ensure a good spot for the show. The New Regime, hailing from San Diego, CA took the stage to set the mood for The Used. In between songs they'd mention The Used and the crowd roared with excitement. Now it was time, the stage went dark, the crowd went wild. Dark figures swiftly passed across the stage, then they were still. You could hear the intro clip from, "Take It Away" buzzing through the speakers. Then, the lights flashed on and the set began. Not one soul skipped a beat. Everyone was singing along to every word, smiles could be seen across the room and as the night went on the crowd never seemed to run out of energy. In between songs front man, Bert McCracken, spoke of revolution, love, death and change. You could feel he words making an impact of the folks around. Every song that was played was received with love and you could feel the energy in the room growing. As the set came to a close the band geared up to play, "I'm a Fake". McCracken turned the microphone to the crowd letting them take control. In unison everyone screamed the words, then, the band joined in letting notes fly from their fingers so effortlessly. After the song was over the band left the stage. The crowd chanted for one more song, the band returned to their instruments. In the words of McCracken, "Well.. this is just how it works!" They ended their set with splitting the crowd up to prepare for the wall of death as they began playing, "Pretty Handsome Awkward." All things must come to an end, and as the sweaty but happy fans left the venue everyone was alive with excitement.  Here's to another 15 years from The Used!