Twenty One Pilots At Meadow Brook Music Festival

Twenty One Pilots have had a lot of success the last few years, and we have been there to witness it all. I remember seeing them at the Pike Room with my family with a crowd of no more than 30 people and now they have sold out a venue of almost 8000 on a sold out tour. Twenty One Pilots helped almost everyone in that venue through the good and the bad times with their deep and meaningful lyrics and that night, even if some people are going through hard times, they felt at home with good people and good music. 

Headlining their biggest show in Michigan Twenty One Pilots still managed to keep the show unique and personal. Through out the show they kept amazing the audience by appearing above the crowd to when playing "Car Radio" and drumming on the crowd during "Trees".

The first time I saw Twenty One Pilots I wrote a review on them and I said that they are going to be one of the biggest bands. Three years later thats coming true, keep it going guys.