Aaron Lewis live at FirstMerit Bank Event Park

Photos and review by Jason Keomany

Aaron Lewis, the lead singer of Staind, brought his solo tour to the FirstMerit Bank Event Park in Saginaw, Michigan this past Friday. His take on country music is refreshing at a time where it seems that much of the country that is being played has been leaning heavily towards pop music with a hint of country. Aaron has stated in the past that he’s always felt like he’s more in touch with country music and it shows in his music. That being said, it doesn’t take away from the amazing work and time that he invested with Staind. He’s currently working on his second solo country album and spent much of the show playing many of the new tracks that you’ll hear when the new album is released. Most of the show was focused on music from his previous album and a few of his newer songs. Just when everyone thought the show was over, he came out for an amazing encore… covering many of his hits from previous Staind albums, which drew praise from the crowd. Altogether, it was a great show put on by an amazing artist that makes music that resonates with people and I really look forward to what comes next.