Jake Miller At The Crofoot

Photos: Jacob Giampa

Review: Amy Cooper/Detroit Ginger

Screaming pre-teen girls and candy apple body spray accompanied the concert witnessed for Jake Miller this evening at The Crofoot Ballroom. Jake Miller, half rapper, half pop heartthrob commanded the crowd, and many of the females that were in the group had been waiting to go to the show for weeks, and some had even slept in Pontiac, outside of the venue (not a safe tactic, I assure you, but seemed well worth the wait to them). Miller came out onto the platform after his band had entered the play area, and in the beginning bars of the first song, confetti shot from the cannons. With cell phones in the air, it’s clear to see that Jake had his full Michigan fan base. Most of the fans in the crowded Crofoot knew every word and were hanging on bated breath. This show was a prime example of a constant movement of young fans who you see worship their pop-star idols. You can’t help but feel nostalgic. The highlight of Jake’s performance was when he covered “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars. The crowd, once again, knew all the words, and fans of Miller and parents alike knew the song enough to get everyone dancing. All and all, it’s safe to say if Jake get’s enough exposure for his tours, he will make a killing with the younger crowd. For more info on this tour click here.