Against Me!

The punk rock group from Gainesville Florida came to Detroit’s St Andrews Hall to give the packed in crowd a hell of a show. Before the punk legends took the stage Annie Girl & the Flight lit up the crowd with their psych-punk loud hard hiting guitar and catchy songs. Making a mark on the rock scene in San Francisco Annie & The Flight brought their sound to Detroit supporting their new EP “Bodies”. During their set they played some hits off their new ep such as “Nebraska” “Bodies” and “Swans”.    Against Me! have been legends in the punk community for years now and one reason is for their live shows, the demanding voice  of front women Laura Jane Grace mixed with the amount of energy the show its self produces makes the crowd go crazy and sing along to every word. Against me just got two new members, Atom Willard who does not stop for one second during the entire set. At the end of the show he was head to toe in sweat looking like he could go play another full set. Another new member is Inge Johansson, he is one of the most entertaining bassist we have ever seen live, he puts his all into every song although we think he is a long lost descendent of one of the Ramones… Really he looks like he came right from the Ramones. During the hard hitting set some songs that stood out was “Black Me Out” “Fuck My Life 666” and of course “I Was A Teenage Anarchist”. Be sure to check them out on tour here