Sublime With Rome at Meadow Brook

Meadow Brook rocked out to some of the greatest songs of our generation when Sublime With Rome came out. 

Before ska legends came out, Mickey Avalon hit the stage rapping about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Avalon ended his set with his biggest hit “My Dick”. Up next was a trio all the way from Hawaii. Pepper was able to make everyone  up and dancing to their catchy songs.

After the tragic death of Sublime’s singer Bradley Nowell in 1996 the band took a break from playing and making music until late 2009. Now Sublime is out on the road once again and sound amazing. To start off the set Sublime With Rome  played “Smoke Two Joints” but the crowd was way ahead of them. The band played hit after hit including  “Date Rape” “Wrong Way” and “Badfish”. SWR is doing a amazing job of keeping the Bradley’s life remembered! Be sure you catch this classic band out on tour this summer. Click here for more info.