Rob Zombie at LoudWire in Mt. Morris, MI

Rob Zombie played at the LoudWire Live festival in Mt. Morris, MI, hosted by Banana 101.5. When you think of the Flint area you might think of the auto industry or Michael Moore. You might not think of a live entertainment hot spot, and that is what  made this event so special. Zombie typically brings his onstage antics to a packed amphitheater or arena which he is able to fill to the point of bursting with a deluge of face melting, living dead energy. This venue in a small fairground tucked into the woods of the vehicle city created a unique experience for the band and fans alike. As the sun began to set over the trees, casting eery shadows on the  classic horror monster backdrop, Zombie stormed the stage and sent a tidal wave of ear drum splitting electricity through the crowd. It washed over every spectator, drenching each banging head to the point of saturation before it changed directions back toward the stage. As the Wolfman and King Kong looked on, Rob Zombie opened the door to the dragula and gave everyone the ride of their lives.