Secondhand Serenade and Ryan Cabrera - Radio Revival Tour

A crowd of 150-200 people gathered into the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH on Tuesday night, April 7th, 2015 as the Radio Revival Tour made its first stop in Ohio. The Radio Revival Tour consists of several great musical artists including supporting artists, Wind In Sails, Runaway Saints and Nick Thomas. Co-Headlining the tou
was Secondhand Serenade and Ryan Cabrera as they alternate the closing spot. The show began with a single musician on stage with his guitar as he began to strum and introduce himself by saying "This is Wind In Sails". Wind in Sails may sound like the name of a band but is actually a musician by the name of Evan Pharmakis as he stands alone on stage only he and his acoustic guitar. Evan captivated with the intimacy of his presence while singing his songs. Check out for more from Wind In Sails. Also on this tour included a band out Nashville, TN by the name of Runaway Saints who quickly became one of the crowd favorites for the evening. Runaway Saints is made up of Johnny Gates, Jamie Jarbeau, and Matt Scanlon. This band utilizes an acoustic guitar, bass guitar and drums to deliver an awesome energy driven folk rock style performance that was well received by the crowd. Check out for more info on this great band! Nick Thomas, most well known for his band The Spill Canvas added probably the most powerful vocal performances of the night. Nick performed songs from The Spill 
Canvas as well as new songs from his new DemoWars EP release. 

After Three amazing performances from some great talented musicians in their own right it was time for the co-headliners of the night to take the stage. Secondhand Serencade is John Vesely who came to fame as a former number one myspace artist. Backing up John was an amazingly talented band that also included John's brother Lukas. John displayed his versatility with musical talents from his smooth vocals, playing piano and playing acoustic guitar by keeping the audience entertained while changing position on stage and interacting with the audience. The setlist for the evening included: "You and I", "Maybe", "Vulnerable", "Awake", "Back To The Old Days", "Undefeated", "Price We Pay", "Your Call", "Shake It Off", "Fix You" (Coldplay cover), "Wrecking Ball", "Fall For You", and "Goodbye". For more information please visit

Closing out the show on this night in Columbus, OH would be Ryan Cabrera. Ryan performed an energetic set with his band featuring new songs as well as classics. Ryan's NewestEP release is titles "Wake Up Beautiful". Cabrera would begin the show with "40 Kinds of Sadness" and "Sing Along". Ryan would also perform his most successful song to date which was a US top ten hit called "On The Way Down". Ryan would close out the night with "House on Fire" and "Sin to be Saved". For more from Ryan, Please visit Dont forget to buy tickets and support these great artists on the Radio Revival Tour! The cost is inexpensive for 5 musical acts of this caliber ranging from $18-$24 for this particular venue.