Ashes To Ashes Tour Detroit

Jumping over the pond from York, UK to join Chelsea Grin on the Ashes To Ashes Tour, The Family Ruin are surely taking the US by storm. Playing their singles Let It Burn and Let’s Go, this quintet is such a powerhouse when they take the stage. No matter what you’re doing they’re sure to captivate you with their melodic screams and gut ripping guitar riffs. Possibly playing their best performance in Michigan, they are sure to be the next big thing. Be sure to catch them on the rest of the Ashes To Ashes tour, because they’re a band you really don’t want to miss out.

Chelsea Grin is out around the U.S. on their headlining tour, Ashes To Ashes. Being a band for many, touring the the world many times, this has to be their best headliner yet. They played a lot of new songs off of their most recent album Ashes To Ashes and a lot of old songs. Crowd favorite being Recreant and Crewcabanger mad the crowd go insane! Alex Koehler dominates the crowd with his captivating moves and this fellow band mates follow suit. Chelsea Grin is this years must  see live band, in personal opinion. They really give you your money's worth, and seriously give the audience everything they have.