Bush with Theory Of A Dead Man at The Murat Theater

  The Murat Theater in Indianapolis played host to the "Man on the Run" tour featuring "Stars in Stereo", "Theory of a Deadman" and the headliners, "Bush". Fans of all three acts filled the theater from the pit to the top of the balcony. There was a good mix of support for all of the bands in the sold out crowd."Stars in Stereo" opened up the show with a short energetic set that started off with 30 or so fans in the crowd on their feet for the entire performance. As the band continued throughout their set with songs like "The Broken", the number of people standing was steadily increasing as "Stars in Stereo" owned the stage. At one point in the show lead guitarist Jordan McGraw finds himself in the middle of the theater standing on top of the seats interacting with the crowd shredding his guitar for the fans. Lead vocalist Bec Hollcraft recognized the Valentine's Day performance by announcing "This next song is about sex. I'm not getting any tonight, so I hope you guys are!" The band would then go into a rocking performance of "Leave Your Mark". As Bec addressed the crowd by inviting everybody to stop by the Merch booth to meet the band, Jordan and Frogs were encouraging the crowd to get the loudest that they had been all night and once everybody was up on their feet and screaming out, the band would finish their set with "Fair Weather Friend". It was definitely easy to see that the crowd was thoroughly entertained and warmed up for the remainder of the show. "Stars in Stereo" is made up of Bec Hollcraft on vocals, Jordan McGraw on guitar, Frogs McCormack on bass, and Drew Langan on drums. For more information on 
this great band, please visit www.starsinstereo.com 


        After a 15 minute break, the stage was set up for "Theory of a Deadman" with graffiti painted speaker stacks with sayings like "Run Run Run" and "Save Urself". The theater went dark as the house lights shut off and the stage lights  came on as They opened their set with "So Happy". The crowd was crazy loud and welcomed the band as everybody in the sold out Murat Theater were on their feet. Theory would then break into "Lowlife" and then the crowd would get even louder as they went into the fan favorite "Not Meant to Be". Other songs the band would play throughout the evening included "Blow", "Santa Monica" and Drown". Continuing with the Valentine's Day theme of the night the band played "Angel". As they finished, Tyler Connoly (lead vocalist) would have some fun with the crowd by saying "It's Valentine's Day! Alot of people are going to have sex tonight! Who all in the crowd is going to have sex tonight?" After some cheers and laughter from the crowd the band would begin to play another Theory hit, "Hate My Life", followed by Tyler hammering the licks to Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" and changing the lyrics to "Sweet Home Indianapolis"..."I hope you will remember, Theory of a Deadman will always love you".  As the crowd remained standing from start to finish of their performance, Theory would finish their set with one last hit song, "Bad Girlfriend". Theory of a Deadman is made up of Tyler Connolly on vocals and guitar, Dean Back on bass, David Brenner on guitar and Joe Dandeneau on drums. Visit www.theoryofadeadman.com for more information and to support the band. 

         Following another short break, the house lights would once again go dark and the sold out crowd got louder than it had been all night with everybody in the house on their feet. Bush took the stage and the crowd erupted like thunder as they tore into their first few songs "Prizefighter", "Just Like My Other Sins" and "Everything Zen". During "Everything Zen", Gavin Rossdale would head for the front of the stage and drop to his knees for the screaming fans in the front row tearing up the guitar riffs for the energetic crowd. Bush's "Man on the Run" Tour is in support of their newest release, "Man on the Run". However, the band would play at least one song from every album that they have released throughout their performance. With little down time between songs, the band kept the show moving forward with on hit after another. Some of the songs performed included, "Bodies in Motion", "Greedy Fly" and "Loneliness is a Killer". Gavin and guitarist, Chris Traynor, would even battle it out face to face slinging guitar strings on the band's "Chemicals Between Us". The fans in the Murat Theater were having the time of their lives with Bush providing the entertainment and Gavin looking out for front row fans' safety requesting that they please be careful with their hands. Gavin stated "Were used to barriers and we move around alot up here so please be careful with your hands as we do not want to step on any fingers". Up close and personal with the fans and looking out for everybody's safety was a very classy move on Gavin's behalf, showing how much he really cares about the Bush fans. 

        With more Valentine's Day wishes to the sold out Murat Theater crowd, Gavin would slow things down a bit with "Surrender". Nearing the end of the set the band would play "The Sound of Winter" from their "Sea of Memories" album followed by Gavin jumping off stage and into the aisles of the theater greeting and interacting with the crowd as he vanished out the back door and reappeared in the balcony jumping and dancing his way through the crowd and would make it back onstage as the band would finish with the instrumentals. Gavin and the band would then leave the stage with the crowd obviously wanting an encore. Bush would answer their call and return to the stage for four more songs beginning with "Machinehead" followed by a "Talking Heads" cover of "Once in a Lifetime". The band would leave the stage, leaving only Gavin and his guitar for a solo performance of the crowd favorite "Glycerine". The band would rejoin Gavin onstage for the final song of the evening with the crowd still standing, dancing and cheering as Bush would finish the night off with "Comedown". Members of Bush include Gavin Rossdale on vocals and guitar, Robin Goodridge on drums, Chris Traynor on guitar and Corey Britz on bass. You can find out more information on the band, the tour and the music at www.bushofficial.com. If you have the opportunity to go see the "Man On The Run" tour, I would highly recommend it! All three bands gave great performances, vocals were outstanding and the instrumentals were very complimentary to the vocals of all bands that performed. Get your tickets quickly as they have been selling out!


Theory setlist

  1. So Happy

  2. Lowlife

  3. Not Meant to Be

  4. Blow

  5. Santa Monica

  6. Drown

  7. Angel

  8. Hate My Life

  9. Sweet Home Alabama

    (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) (tease)

  10. Bad Girlfriend

Bush Setlist