Clutch "PSYCHIC WARFARE" Album Review

Starting from the intro track, you begin to wonder how this album is going to go. "The Affidavit" leads you into the first full track called "X-Ray Visions" and then you realize this album is going to be more of a story piece, than a cut-to-cut bank of singles. Each track on the album exudes power vocals and vibrant guitar riffs to match, packing power like some of the mainstream players you hear today.  What makes the album unique is that it's not catchy or cliquie, as a mainstream artist would lead. Each track has it's own unique division, yet it carries itself through track by track with no breaks, completely in sync. As the album widens spectrum at songs like "Doom Saloon," you start to see more depth of the band, but overall, it's the power packed guitar playing carried with the burly vocals that make this album a great one for active rock fans. Be sure to pick a copy up now at your local record store.