The Glitch Mob

In regards to last night's performance, walking in only knowing "The Glitch Mob" and walking out half deaf with bits of the ceiling in my hair. It was a good night, but lets back it up to the beginning. Opening up the show was Chrome Sparks, mixing keyboards, drums and a lead singer with a funky head bob. Their sound could only be described as stoner music given the two girls in drug rugs. In between sets the security decided to turn the first five rows into " The Splash Zone". Squirting, squeezing and dumping water in order to maintain the proper level of hydration, via our mouths and our heads. The M machine changed up the tempo with their set. No longer were we comatose, brought alive with fast beats and a huge graphic screen we were prepared for 'The Glitch Mob". Everybody squeezes to the front of the crowd, the lights go dark and the audience becomes anxious as ever. Suddenly red lights illuminate the columns of fog, the silhouettes of "The Glitch Mob" become visible and the crowd goes crazy. The first bar of "Drive it like you stole it " begins and the entire venue shakes. They play a few songs off their "Drink the Sea" album and a couple of their new album " Love death Immorality".