Jason Derulo with Wallpaper

The opening night of the Talk Dirty Tour took place on October 5th at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. 

 American hip-hop/electronic pop collaboration band Wallpaper started off the show with upbeat music to get the crowd excited for the night. They sang some music off of their album "Ricky Reed Is Real" which was released in the summer of 2013, along with older hits such as "Shotgun" and "#STUPIDFACEDD". Wallpaper added a very cool and unique vibe while fully engaging the audience with their presence. As they exited the stage, the audience was getting antsy to see the main act, Jason Derulo. 

 His set started off with a dancer spray painting the words "talk dirty" onto a screen and having cops chase after him off of the stage. Jason Derulo rose up into the spotlight and the crowd went wild. Throughout the night Jason performed all 10 of his platinum hits along with having a DJ play music to keep everyone dancing. The whole night, no one stopped jumping with excitement as Jason delivered excellent choreography along with on-point vocals. He brought some of his pre-show rituals to the stage with showing off some of his workout routines and inviting girls to help demonstrate his moves. After all of the fun with the crowd, Jason addressed his breakup with Jordin Sparks and performed their song "Vertigo". Jason Derulo put on one of the best shows for fall and it is highly recommended that you attend the Talk Dirty Tour when it comes to a city near you. 


Photo: Jacob Giampa

Review: Jacqueline Maznio