Senses Fail and Reggie & the Full Effect at Saint Andrew’s Hall.



Household started the evening off, only playing songs from their incredible new album, Everything A River Should Be. Household was the band I was most excited to watch. My current band, Conveyer, has played with these guys for years in the same Midwest DIY music scene. It’s extremely heart-warming to see them on a tour like this promoting a new album backed by Equal Vision Records.


They absolutely nailed their set. I was interested to see how the harmonies and key changes on their new record would translate live and I was fully satisfied. I actually had trouble getting all the photos I wanted because I couldn’t stop singing every single song/just enjoying the band. They finished off with “Don’t Listen To Me,” the fourth track on their new record (and my favorite song, personally).




Next up was Have Mercy, an indie-rock/emo band from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve listened to them for quite a while and they did not disappoint. Brian Swindle is a solid vocalist who does a fantastic job of conveying the emotion in Have Mercy’s music live. The set was relatively peaceful with a ton of singalongs from the crowd.

The band finished off their set with their most popular song at over five million Spotify plays, “Let’s Talk About Your Hair,” and it was clear that many people in the room were waiting patiently to hear this specific track, myself included. Although I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time, seeing them live further strengthened my appreciation.




Third on the bill was Reggie & The Full Effect. Admittedly, this is a band I had never listened to but was excited to see what they were all about. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a show as popular as this one, and didn’t know every band playing. It ended up being really cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching/listening to them. It was obviously clear that they’ve been professional touring musicians for quite some time; the entire set was 100% solid and spot on.


After I went home I did some follow up research and discovered the singer, James Dewees, was the keyboardist for The Get Up Kids and has been involved with some of my other favorite bands such as New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance. Learning these simple facts may have created a bias in my mind that made me like them more than I would have otherwise (oh well).




Finally, Senses Fail. This is a band I had never seen before, but I’ve loved since I was in high school first getting into alternative music. I knew that I’d enjoy them live because everyone who’d seen them would continuously tell me how insane they were. I’ve also noticed from following them on Instagram that they’re fans of some of my favorite 90’s hardcore bands like Snapcase.


Touring in support of their new record, If There Is Light, It Will Find You, the band started off with intense energy. The light show was wicked and made for some fun shots. The stage presence of singer Buddy Nielsen was considerably spirited. The dude just doesn’t stop jumping around. I looked like a bobble-head trying to get shots of him from the pit, but it was awesome.


After playing a few songs from the new record, Nielsen opened up to the crowd about how an almost tragic situation with his wife side-stepping death during childbirth being a driving factor in the music. He talked about the idea of raising a new child alone, without the help and support of his wife, and how that would potentially feel. I can’t imagine dealing with something like that, but it was cool to see some context behind the album’s purpose.
The new album is remarkable and has been on repeat with Household’s new album, as well as Feel Something by Movements. I love this band and always will, it was such an incredible treat to see them live.

Tyler The Creator and Vince Staples at The Masonic Temple Detroit

Tyler The Creator and Vince Staples stopped by the Masonic Temple in Detroit this week for a impressive sold out show. North Long Beach rapper Vince Staples started off the show rocking a bulletproof vest for his set in front of a wall of LED lights. Vince started off his 16 song set with "BagBak" off of his second studio album "Big Fish Theory". As the sent went on the crowd get wilder and wilder, at one point security had to step in and stop a mosh pit that was happening. Vince Staples was a perfect way to get everyone ready for the party that is known as Tyler The Creator.

Tyler The Creator's stage was something out of a fairy tale with a very woodsy vibe. With it being his first heading show in Detroit he came our with a bang! The show was sold out and the whole crowd went crazy when he started his set. He Started the show off with "Where The Flowers Bloom". Half way through his set he covered Frank Oceans song "Biking".

Steve Aoki At Royal Oak Music Theater

With a dramatic opening of exciting and vivid sounds, DJ Steve Aoki took the stage for a SOLD OUT show at Royal Oak Music Theatre last night. The crowd had been warmed up by the electro-music of Bad Royale, Grandtheft, Deorro, and the notorious “Panda”-rapper Desiigner. While the crowd seemed to enjoy the opening acts, Aoki came to party at 11:10pm. Right off the bat, confetti shot out from the stage and Aoki comes in rockin’ a “Detroit vs Everybody” shirt with dark jeans. The lights that lit up the stage were incredible; it definitely created an electric atmosphere. Last night was undoubtedly more about putting on a show for the fans than showcasing his DJ skills. I think one of the hardest things for a DJ to do is to keep the crowd dancing and entertained. It is easy for the audience to get bored and begin to feel like they are just listening to a playlist. However, Aoki kept the crowd pumped, and it was truly a constant dance party for his entire two-hour set. Aoki came to party, and no party is complete without cake. Aoki came through with his well-known "cake in the face." He selected members of the audience to throw a full cake at their face and fans loved it. With Aoki’s enthusiasm, he could have easily kept the crowd going until the next morning, but his concert had to come to an end. Despite the late night, it was an incredible show. Aoki’s “Kolony” tour continues until the middle of March. So until the next time Michigan sees Aoki… cake on.

Neck Deep At The Majestic Theater

Neck Deep is half way through their tour and stopped at the Majestic Theater in Detroit in support of their new album “The Peace and the Panic”.

 During Neck Deeps set the band showed how much love they have for their fans. As one fan was being kicked out, Neck Deep stopped mid song to tell security to let the fan stay in the show. As the show went on the singer Ben Barlow kept telling the fans to love each other and stop fighting and if they didn’t he would come to the crowd and “kick their ass”. One song that really stuck out during their set was “Parachute”, before the song started Ben told all the fans to be like them and travel the world and chase their dreams like they were doing. “

We always pictured this song being a real festival banger, the kind of song you'd be bopping along to, arms round your mate, screaming the words and hoping the feeling never leaves. Or singing it to the lucky guy or girl you might've met that weekend in an attempt to express your true feelings. I hope people listen to this song and book a flight somewhere inspiring" - Neck Deep 

The infectious, bright track comes from the band's recent release, The Peace and The Panic, which scored the #2 on the Top Album chart and #4 debut on Billboard Top 200 chart earlier this summer. The album is available through Apple Music, Spotify, on Vinyl and in stores via Hopeless Records. 

As the set came to an end the whole band left the stage beside the singer Ben and guitar player Matt West, they played “Wish You Were Here” they dedicated it to all of the ones they have lost, old friends and their dads after they passed away. After they finished Matt left the stage and Ben began to sing  “Part Of Me” solo this was my personal favorite part of the whole show. 


Walk The Moon and Company Of Thieves at The Fillmore

Walk The Moon came to Detroit last week on their Press Restart Tour in support if their new album “What If Nothing”. Opening up for Walk The Moon was Company Of Thieves! The band had a music industry story you hear about in the movies - founding members Marc Walloch and Genevieve Schatz met on a train station platform in Chicago and bonded over a love of the Beatles. They started making music together, along with fellow band member Chris Faller, and went on to self-release their first record. They were discovered at SXSW when a record exec wandered into one of their shows after hearing them from the street.  They signed a record deal, released another album on a label, played late night TV and toured the country endlessly.  They went on a hiatus a few years back - Marc went onto play bass for AWOLNATION and Genevieve pursued a solo EP, touring with bandmate, Chris.

Fate eventually brought them back together, and now they are back and ready to release new music!  Company Of Thieves started off the show with “Death Of Communications” along with “Window” and “Treasure”. Company Of Thieves was fronted by a fun and lovable Genevieve Schatz who was full of smiles the whole night.

Walk The Moon came out strong with “Press Restart” and “Lisa Baby” but the dance party really got started when they played “Shut Up And Dance” they had the whole crowd off their feet and sining along to every word! Get tickets for a show near you here.

Milky Chance Blossoms With Their “Blossom” Tour

The German duo of Milky Chance brought their Harmonic and ambient pop sound to a full house at The Fillmore on Friday October 13th.  Usually going out on Friday the 13th would ensue in a night of oddities that would encounter bad luck in one form or another. That is if you believe in such things. But walking into the Fillmore none of that was present, and instead the historic venue was filled with smiling faces and feel good vibes.

    The duo consisting of Clemens Rehbein, and Philip Dausch brought their Blossom tour to Detroit and did not disappoint. Starting the show off with clouds, one of their more up beat groovy tunes off their new album.  As Clemens belted out lyrics from the chorus “I just wanna take care of you my love”. As if it was a proclamation to the crowd for what they had in store for the night. The folk/rock ensemble continued on from there. Bringing the loud and joyous crowd along with them on their musical journey of folktronica sound filled with a simple but elegant light show the mirrored the bands energy. Highlights of the evening included a good mix of songs both old and new. Playing hits from their debut EP “sad necessary” including Down By The River, Flashed Junk Mind, and my personal favorite Sad Necessary. Mixing in well with their older tracks was songs off their latest effort “Blossom” including Ego, Blossom, Firebird, and Doing Well. But not to be outdone the group came out for an encore to play the first single off “blossom” titled Cocoon, and the uber popular and crowd favorite Stolen Dance.  

    The group didn’t hold anything back. Lead by Clemens raspy yet powerful vocals that illuminated throughout The Fillmore and the fans within.  Lingering in my head well after the concert was over. Like a pop song you cant get out of your head.  I for one look forward to seeing where this duo is headed musically in the future as they continue to mesh their indie-folk sound down tempo, vibrant pop music.  Next time you see Milky Chance come to town near you I advise you do your eyes and ears a favor and check them out.


Photos/review: Paul Lee 

Post Malone At Royal Oak Music Theater

Post Malone stopped by Royal Oak Music Theater on his sold out Stoney tour to support his debut album Stoney.

Post’s debut album, the 2016 powerhouse RIAA Certified Platinum debut Stoney, has remained a TOP 10 STREAMING ALBUM for 38 consecutive weeks since its December 2016 release and has made Post Malone the MOST STREAMED NEW ARTIST with over 3 Billion Streams globally. Tracks include his first Hot 100 Top 10 entry “Congratulations” [feat. Quavo] (5x-platinum), the breakout “White Iverson” (4x-platinum), “Go Flex” (platinum), and “Too Young” (platinum). Moreover, the multiplatinum Dallas maverick continues to consistently hold down a spot in the Billboard Top 200. 

Post started off his set with  one of his many hits "Too Young" but the night just went up from there. For being new to the rap game Post Malone was able to keep the show going and had his sold out show singing along to every word and dancing along to every song. He even threw in a Nirvana cover in there as well! I hope you got tickets to his sold out tour because this will be one you don't want to miss.